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A Passion for Diamonds (APFD) is a family owned company with offices in Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada, United States and the makers of exquisite hand made jewelry pieces utilizing the skills and talents of the local artists. All of our jewelry is made of Diamonds and fine Gems from around the world that are free of conflict and war. Our desire is to make a difference to Humanity, serve a higher purpose and by doing so – enforce a “Spirit of Excellence” in the work, production and service we provide.

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Our wish is to uphold human service and to serve our fellow Man and Woman with integrity and dignity. We move fervently, diligently, expediently, skillfully, accurately and thoroughly in our work to provide the best service possible. If we can change a life for the better or add a bit of joy and happiness to the communities of which we work by giving back to the locals we do so.

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We do not believe in supporting Diamond and other fine Gem manufacturers that practice exploiting native workers. We stand by our products and service with the belief that we have done the best that we could to bring to life the wishes and desires of our clients. It is our belief that as our clients leave us happy with the service and the designs they received that this will not be overlooked and they will then refer to us the people who mean the most to them.

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Almost 90% of our clients come from word of mouth. A Passion For Diamonds (APFD) aims to bring enthusiasm, glamour, beauty and goodwill to all the sessions we have…

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