Sonja is a global spokesmodel/gemologist, author, life coach, artist, and ordained minister. She has devoted her career to promotional partnerships with high-profile brands such as De Beers, L’Oreal, Bendon Lingerie, Gottex, Revlon, and others. Sonja has also displayed her stunning beauty on camera as an actress in films and various commercials and advertisements. She is a highly respected brand ambassador for A Diamonds Life (APFD), an international diamond jewelry company located in Canada. She is a G.I.A certified gemologist and the author of Thank You for My Tears, I thought I had none left and On My Grandmothers’ Prayers and the forthcoming Four Year Old Warrior.
During her successful years in the fashion and diamond industries, Sonja helped several of her clients transform and repurpose their wardrobes, homes, and jewelry collections into new creations to be loved all over again. It was on a trip with her daughter to Kenya that changed her life’s mission after being inspired by Kenya’s beauty and witnessing firsthand the rich culture of the country and how the locals respect and repurpose the earth’s resources.




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